Conference Services

Why do Event Evaluation?

It’s your conference event. But how did it go? Most importantly, what can you do better next time?

Many people will offer you their opinions, be they solicited or unsolicited. But what voices do you listen to? Are you hearing the loudest opinions or the ones that matter? The answer is to execute planned event evaluation.


Where are you now?


If you’ve run a conference, perhaps you’ve issued a questionnaire to delegates. You’ve undoubtably had emails. The issue you face is how do you tie this data together into meaningful insight for the future?

Do you have data from multiple sources?


> Paper questionnaires

> Web based questionnaires

> Delegates emails and social media feedback

> Ad hoc comments from speakers, stewards and conference administrators


Post-Event, Noble Marketing will help you gather all the relevant information, from text capture your questionnaires, through to the assimilating the nuggets that come in all forms of digital feedback. But we can do so much more.

Preparation phase

Identify the key audience clusters and define the insight you would get from each group.

Let us help you decide the most effective way of reaching the audience sub-sets.


Implementation phase

We will format questionnaires in correct delivery vehicle. (All material will carry your logo. Digital questionnaires will be via customized links, employing your organisation name.)

During your event, we can work remotely, gathering responses and facilitating In-Event feedback. Alternatively, we can work on site to ensure questionnaires, prompts etc, go to the right places and encouraging staff to use them, facilitating maximum response rates.


Insight phase

We will Compile results, which means data capture and file cleaning

Then it's time to Analyse results – based on the project budget we might consider either all responses, digital sample, stratified sample based on question responses, or a random sample.

Finally, we will deliver feedback via reports, charts or Skype call, or in person.


At Noble Marketing, we undertake to help you analyse your event from every viewpoint, assisting you in planning and securing future funding.

Benefits of Event Evaluation

1. Recognize the changes you need to make for future events

2. Prioritise future investment to where it will have most benefits

3. Identify key benefits to delegates and aid prospective marketing

4. Recognize key delegate sub-sets and seek their specific feedback

5. Give tangible conference evaluation to exhibitors and other partners to encourage their future participation

6. Get feedback on speakers/educators to enhance future content

7. Take in-event feedback to enhance delegates experience, immediately